Cyber-Infrastructure Digital Education & Research

The NSF CIDER project brings cyberinfrastructure such as hand-held devices, into science education as scientific instruments.

A collaboration of the University of New Hampshire and the University of Southern Maine.

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University of Southern Maine Campus Ventures connects with CIDER.

Campus Ventures gives technology companies a jump start in bringing commercially viable technologies to market while providing students with real-world, hands-on learning. CIDER students are designing a scaleable and environmentally friendly manufacturing process for picture posts.

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CIDER Student-Scientist Partnership

As a graduate student at UNH, Dr. Elizabeth Burakowski designed the Community Collaborative - Rain, Albedo, Hail, and Snow Network (CoCoRAHS Albedo). Eric Hanson, a CIDER high-school teacher at Windham High School in Maine, partnered with Liz to include snow field measurements and analysis in his science curriculum. Photos show the equipment and a student measuring snow and recording the data directly to his (weather-wrapped and outdoor WiFi-enabled!) iPad.

  • Published Source: The Science Teacher March 2015
  • Learn More: Sampling in the Snow Video Introduction
  • Learn More: CoCoRAHS Albedo Network.
  • Screen shot of student collecting snow data

    CIDER Student-Scientist Partnership

    Estimating canopy cover and canopy closure in the field is important to research and to professional foresters. Dr. Annette Schloss and Dr. Michael Palace worked with CS undergraduate student Dexter Richards to create an app for that!

  • Student Poster: CanopyApp Student Presentation at the January 2014 meeting of the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP).
  • UNH Blog Post: RCI Student Operator Develops CanopyApp
  • Screen shot of Dexter presenting the app

    CIDER helps Watershed Watch go mobile!

    Digital cameras, mobile phone apps for a compass, a level, and a GPS, along with ADI software gave students the tools they needed to study forest canopy cover and its relationship to the landscape:
    Elizabeth City State University, May 2013.

    Watershed Watch pictureWatershed Watch pictureWatershed Watch picture
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  • CIDER Educator Workshop

    Workshop held June 20 2013 at Windham High School, Windham ME. The CIDER team checked out the NEW outdoor WIFI, a portable Picture Post, and discussed using mini-iPads as student notebooks, online research, and presentation tools.

    Screen shot of Joe Smith video

    CIDER at AGU (2014)

    • Sampling in the Snow: High School Winter Field Experiences Provide Relevant, Real World Connections Between Scientific Practices and Disciplinary Core Ideas (abstract PDF file).
    • Student Contributions to Citizen Science Programs As a Foundation for Independent and Classroom-Based Undergraduate Research in the Earth Sciences (abstract PDF file)
    • Using the Citizen Science Picture Post Project as the Foundation for Campus Environmental Monitoring by Undergraduate Student Researchers (abstract PDF file).  Poster (PDF)
    Screen shot of K Brown poster