Supplement 2017 - A Picture Post Gallery to let the World Know About Your Good Work!

November 2017 - A Year in Pictures at Blue Hill Observatory: Winter.

October 2017 - Picture Post Helps the National Park Service Assess Fire Damage and Recovery in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

September 2017 - Picture Post and me! - Co-founder John Pickle recounts the beginning and how Picture Posts help shape his view of environmental change.

August 2017 - Volunteer profile - Kate Wilcox from New Hampshire turns volunteering into an adventure. Picture Post is delighted she found us!

July 2017 - There's a lot of info in them there pictures! Winkel Chestnut Farm examples using our DEW Analyzing Digital Images (ADI) software, Part 2.

June 2017 - There's a lot of info in them there pictures! Winkel Chestnut Farm examples, Part 1.

May 2017 - How To Gain Visibility and New Recruits for Your Picture Post Project.

April 2017 - Is this spring different? Visual ways to compare years using the Sugar Maple tree in my own backyard!

March 2017 - Hurricane Matthew and the Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve. Earth Day #hashtags!

February 2017 - Planning for the future. Spring brings BIG snowstorms to the Northeast USA - a simple method to measure snow.

January 2017 - Picture Posts ring in a turbulent new year. Review of 2016. Welcome new members and new posts!


November 2016 - Picture Posts for monitoring lakes and phenology - presentations for the North American Lakes Management Society and North East Regional Phenology Network conferences.

October 2016 - Colorado Mountain College builds citizen science into campus with Picture Post.

September 2016 - Tanoma Wetlands Outdoor Classroom - a picture post helps monitor abandoned mine drainage (AMD) in Western Pennsylvania.

August 2016 - Hemlock Wooly Adelgid - the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests monitors damage with a Picture Post. View ALL picture sets for a post with the "advanced" feature.

July 2016 - Travelogue Part 3: An intrepid Picture Poster makes observations at posts along the New England Coast - the Mill Pond Restoration in Portsmouth NH, Seacoast Science Center in Rye NH, and homeward through Mary Cummings Park in Woburn MA.

June 2016 - Travelogue Part 2: An intrepid Picture Poster makes observations at posts along the Maine Coast - we learn that Mile Markers along a walkway make good picture posts, and the post at Schoodic Beaver Pond is the easternmost Picture Post in the USA!

May 2016 - Travelogue Part 1: An intrepid Picture Poster makes observations at posts along the Maine Coast - Wells National Estuarine Reserve, Scarborough Marsh Audubon Center, and more.

April 2016 - The Value of Long-Term Monitoring. Picture Post visits the Citizen Science Workshop in Brattleboro VT.

March 2016 - Johnny's Pond in CO - is drought affecting this small recreational pond?

February 2016 - Clouds and NASA satellite images - what you can see at a Picture Post.

January 2016 - Review of 2015. Our new mobile website launches with many thanks to the US National Park Service!


November 2015 - Picture Post documents a rainy month in Oregon.

October 2015 - Picture Post goes to Washington! We are honored to be chosen to participate in the President's initiative on citizen science.

September 2015 - What's happening at the University of Idaho picture post? Students learn about phenology, and more.

August 2015 - Falling Waters State Park in FL is the largest water fall in the state and has a picture post!

July 2015 - What's been happening at the Winkel Chestnut Farm that Picture Post helps to uncover.

June 2015 - Keeping up with Kimberly Bowen's adventures for her award-winning Picture Post project at Penn State Brandywine.

May 2015 - An 8th-grade homeschooler monitors the Bosque in NM with a picture post.

April 2015 - Signs of Spring - NASA photo sharing contest and Earth Day poster raffle.

March 2015 - Students at the Conserve School in Wisconsin's North Woods talk Picture Post.

February 2015 - New Tumblr Blog of Weekly Panoramas: Snow Research, Snow Albedo, and Picture Post

January 2015 - Summary of 2014. We had a great year! Welcome all new members and new posts.


November 2014 - Finding a Picture Post while walking the Grand Trunk Trail in MA.

October 2014 - Bear Paw Regional Greenways' Beaver Pond - a year later.

September 2014 - Estimating the timing of seasonal change in vegetation using pictures at Blue Hill Observatory in MA.

August 2014 - Annual UNH GLOBE Teacher Workshop on how to include Picture Post in outdoor curriculum: and a mystery about our training post!

July 2014 - A student at the Penn State Brandywine campus is using Picture Post to monitor campus development: the campus includes Pic Posts in their master plan!

June 2014 - Announcing our iPhone app! A look at the wide variety of Picture Post projects.

May 2014 - Picture Post Workshop at Lakeland Discovery Center. View and download the 2014 Earth Day Poster.

April 2014 - Winkel Chestnut Farm - using phenology and picture post to predict frost sensitivity in chestnut trees.

March 2014 - Bear-Paw Regional Greenways: Picture Posts for Land Conservation Organizations.

February 2014 - PhenoCam research project. PopClock and other phenology monitoring programs you can join.

January 2014 - The Picture Post as art - the Phenology Phencepost. Summary of 2013. Welcome all new members!


November 2013 - Check out sand movement around the post at Crane's Beach in MA! Join the conversation in our Forums about environmental monitoring and stewardship.

October 2013 - Middle School Students observe a pollinator garden with their picture post. What can you monitor this winter?

September 2013 - Elementary School Children get outdoors and take pictures as part of Project SEE - Science & Environmental Education. Take your fall pictures and try our new Zip to upload!

August 2013 - Non-traditional Environmental Science students in MA monitor landscape recovery following a 2011 tornado.

July 2013 - Picture Post partners with Forest Watch to monitor health of White Pines.

June 2013 - Nature Meets Tech! at Camp Bayou Outdoor Learning Center in Florida, with Picture Posts.

May 2013 - What's in your backyard? - Mine has a lovely Sugar Maple Tree! Thanks to everyone for contributing pictures for Earth Day.

April 2013 - Cornerstone Learning Community students in FL observe phenological changes and changes in the landscape due to forest management at Longview Farm.

March 2013 - Blue Hill Observatory in MA asks what kinds of quantitative data can you get from pictures?

February 2013 - Students in New Orleans plant and monitor trees in a local park to restore habitat destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

January 2013 - PPost presentations at AGU! Welcome all new members in 2012.


November 2012 - University of Idaho students connect Picture Post with phenology and the National Phenology Network.

October 2012 - A special nature trail in Maine. Do you have historical photos of your site?

September 2012 - Take your fall pictures! Can you compare this year with past years? Students, volunteers, and visitors monitor Ponte Vedra Beach in Florida with multiple picture posts!

August 2012 - PPost goes to the First Ever Conference on Public Partcipation in Scientific Research. Check out our new android app!

July 2012 - Educators in Wells Maine use Picture Posts to tell the story of the health of the harbor. QR codes as signs.

June 2012 - Picture Post at the NASA Educators Annual Retreat. Satellite imagery and Picture Post.

May 2012 - Community Engagement and Environmental Monitoring in Maine.

April 2012 - See how Dr. Paul Alaback built a portable post in Colorado. Other citizen science projects that PPosters may be interested in.

March 2012 - The Franklin School 5th graders in Portsmouth NH restore a shoreline with help from Dr. Dave Burdick at UNH.

February 2012 - Is this winter different from last? Check out Seacoast Science Center pics and judge for yourself.

January 2012 - PPost presentations in DC! Create a vegetation index from pictures.