Gallery of Posts and Informational Signs

We get asked often about posts and post signs. We created this gallery to give you inspiration and practical ideas for both from our very creative Picture Post users. Please feel free to use any designs shown here and send us yours to add to the gallery! Sample text for the sign and a link to a full-resolution version of our logo to place on your sign are on our Help page.

Signs Signs Signs!

signs composite picture

We have put together a PDF file of signs created by our Picture Post volunteers and contributors to give you ideas for making a sign for your project.

View and download the PDF file View and download our editable sign template (PDF)

Phenology Phencepost Kansas City MO

picture post painted

This artistic post was made from scrap wood and hand-painted by children. It was installed by Krista Kovach-Hindsley on her backyard fence in Kansas City, MO.

Lake Merced

handmade at Lake Merced

This is a portable post top created by DIY specialist and Picture Post volunteer Vladimir Sanchez to monitor Lake Merced in San Francisco, CA. The device can be attached and taken down using velcro.


Manchester Cedar Swamp

modified post top with start and stop lines

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is installing Picture Posts on important conservation lands. To help people who happen upon the post take pictures in the correct order, TNC marks the start (1) and stop (8) points on the octagon with red and green duct tape. Instructional signs walk users through the process.

Mackworth Island Falmouth, ME

picture post built from plastic lumber

This post was made from all recycled plastic lumber. It was installed by Jeff Beaudry on Mackworth Island in Falmouth, ME.

Devil's Backbone 1

portable picture post

This is a portable picture post built by Paul Alaback. It was meant for an area where a structure is not permitted and Paul uses it to monitor two sites.

  • Devil's Backbone 2 Instructions
  • Menotomy Rocks Post 1

    original post design

    This is one of the original picture posts built by John Pickle. Located in Menotomy Rock Park in Arlington, MA, it was built using plywood and varnished to withstand weathering. But even so, John has replaced these with the plastic lumber tops.


    Seacoast Science Center

    post top on existing sign at Seacoast Science Center

    This is a plastic lumber post top attached to an existing sign at the Seacoast Science Center in Rye, NH. The site is an archeological site from WWII and no holes can be dug!

    Annette's Yard Test Post

    plastic post top on deck

    This is a plastic lumber post top placed by Annette Schloss on the corner of her backyard deck. The top was not attached but brought inside in between picture takings. Sadly, after a year of pictures, the deck was replaced with a room addition to the house. A new post was added!

  • Annette's Yard Post 2