Register a New Picture Post

Anyone can install one or more posts and add them to the Picture Post network. Once you have determined what it is you want to monitor, who the responsible parties will be, and have located, constructed, and installed your post, you will be ready to register your post and upload and share photographs with the rest of the Picture Post network.

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What Does a Post Owner Do?

It is a great feeling to get a new Picture Post in the ground!

The value of any post is in the commitment of people to take pictures on a regular basis and for many years. It is not always easy to keep up the initial excitement, but we hope that the Picture Post network will offer incentives and provide participants with valuable information that will be rewarding as the network grows and matures.

A Picture Post owner is responsible for:

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As the post owner, you will receive an email anytime that pictures are uploaded to your post. We also suggest that you designate an alternate responsible person (co-owner) who can take responsibility on your behalf.

You must be a registered Picture Post user and logged in before you can add a post to the Picture Post network. If you have not previously registered, you can do so here.

Whoever adds the post becomes the post owner.
Ownership can be transferred by contacting us.

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