Picture Post - Add a Scale in Pictures

As you collect more pictures, you will be able to make actual measurements of changes that have taken place over time. Here are some suggestions on making sure your pictures contain the information you will need to make measurements later using the DEW software.

Add objects to set of pictures

Picture Post pictures are always taken from the same spot. If you place an object of know size in one set of pictures, then you can refer back to the size of that object to measure change over time.

See how the clipboard is held next to the tree trunk for measuring diameter at breast height (dbh).

Other objects, such as rulers or known lengths of string can be included in your pictures -- anything that matches the scale of the objects you are photographing!

using an object of known width to help measure tree dbh

Use objects in the picture

Set up your post so that one or more views contain entire plants. Even without a scale in the picture, you will be able to measure percent growth or change of the plant.

Or set up your post so that one or more views contain an object that doesn't change - this can be a rock, a bench, even a building in an urban area. These objects will be a constant in your pictures and can be used to set a measuring scale in the DEW software for your pictures.

These pictures show some ways to add objects of known size to your pictures that will help you in making measurements later. The same person is standing next to the telephone pole and tree and is 6 ft tall.

picture of a telephone pole of known height

picture of a tree of known height