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Your pictures contain a wealth of information. DEW has created software to help you use the properties of color and light and measurements to analyze features in your pictures. The sample activities, guides, and videos on this page describe some of the ways to get the most from your pictures!

Where to Begin?

  • Take and upload pictures.
  • Find posts on the map and add posts to my favorites list.
  • Visit nearby Picture Posts.
  • Start my own Picture Post.
  • View pictures to observe change.
  • Citizen Science Academy

    CSA Academy

    Learn about using Picture Posts and related citizen science programs in educational settings. Low-cost online courses are offered several times a year by the Chicago Botanical Garden.

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    iBook: Monitoring Environmental Change with iPads

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    Available from iTunes, this iBook explains everything about using Picture Posts with students including analyzing data in pictures, and is a great reference for anyone who wants to plan and begin a Picture Post project. Authored by Apple Distinguished Educator and award-winning environmental science teacher, Nick LaFave, we are pleased to share this exciting resource.

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    Want More?

    Plant Monitoring Activities

    Plan and take repeated photographs for citizen science projects. Capture events, monitor a local park, a wetland, a riverbank, or even plants in the backyard!

    More Projects for Educators

    Companion Programs - Let's do science together!

    We know that many of you like to participate in many citizen science programs. Here is a short list of those that complement Picture Post.

  • iNaturalist - provides a platform for recording locations and sightings, including pictures, of plant and animal species.
  • Project Budburst - contribute your seasonal observations of plants to a national network.
  • Nature's Notebook - more comprehensive than Project Budburst for recording seasonal changes in plants and animals.
  • Scistarter - browse all kinds of citizen science projects from the Science we can do together clearing house.
  • DEW Picture Analysis Tools

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    DEW has created a software bundle, learning guides, and help videos about color, light, and pixels, and how to use these to analyze features in digital images.

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    Included in the Software Bundle

    • Color Basics
      Color plays an important role in the information contained in digital images. How well do you understand color?
    • Digital Image Basics 
      Learn about the concepts behind digital image analysis and try out the features of the Analyzing Digital Images program.
    • Analyzing Digital Images (ADI)
      Use ADI to measure spatial features in pictures such as length and area, to do color analysis to highlight spectral features, and measure change in two or more images.
    • MovieTracker
      Apply analysis tools to movies.
    • ForestAnalysis (included in ADI) 
      Select an area in the USA and explore how Old Growth forests have changed. How has the forest cover changed in your region or at the location of your Picture Post?